Trade between Iran and Tunisia

Trade between Iran and Tunisia

Tunisia is a country that is connected to Algeria from the west, Libya from the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea from the east, northeast and north. This country has a population of nearly 11,839,000 people.

Before the revolution, the value of Iran’s foreign trade with Tunisia reached 200 million dollars per year, but by the end of 1400, the volume of relations between the two countries had decreased to 2 million dollars per year, which is one of the reasons for this decrease due to the political instability in this open country. becomes On the other hand, the evaluations show that so far about 35 agreements have been signed between Iran and Tunisia, but apparently these agreements have not been able to help the economic growth of the two countries.

However, in the last twelve months of the year, Iran has exported 1,071,626 kilograms to this country, which is equal to 384,582,341,949 Rials and 1,630,890 dollars.

It should be mentioned that during this period, Iran imported 256,500 kg from Tunisia, which was equal to 19,285,962,150 rials and 459,190 dollars.

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