Trade between Iran and Algeria

Trade between Iran and Algeria

Algeria, with the official name of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a country in North Africa, which is connected to the Mediterranean Sea from the north, Morocco from the northwest, Mauritania from the west, Mali from the southwest, Tunisia from the northeast, Libya from the east, and Libya from the south. It is bordered by Niger to the east. Its population is about 43,851,000 people.

According to the commercial activists of the two countries, Algeria is a big market and the people of this country have a very good attitude towards Iranians and Iranian goods. Algerians recognize Iranian goods as good goods, which is a great opportunity for Iran.

Due to regional problems, sanctions and the spread of Corona, Iran’s trade with Arab countries, including Algeria, has worsened. Algeria is one of the important countries of North Africa that had good relations with Iran, so that our communication and business opportunities with this country were very good before and after the revolution.

In a period after the revolution, due to political reasons that could not be justified; Bilateral trade was neglected and relations were stopped, but after the return of relations, the trade between the two countries went very well. Algeria can be the gateway to North Africa and even Central Africa for Iran.

Iran’s largest exports to Morocco have been related to raisins, pistachios and similar items.

According to the latest customs statistics of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran’s export to Algeria in 1400 was equal to 95,923,619 kilograms. This amount of export was equal to 14,510,410,518,090 rials and in terms of dollars it was equal to 67,402,593 dollars. It should be mentioned that 165 kilograms of various goods were imported from Algeria to Iran in the mentioned period, and the value of these goods was equal to 184,824,900 Rials in terms of Rials and 4,401 dollars in terms of dollars.

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