Expo 2020

Expo  is  a  global  event  with  a  cultural – social  approach,  which  is  organized  by  the  country  that  wins  the  candidature  of  this  exhibition.
Expo has a global theme and is held in a place that is set up as a place of interaction and face-to-face communication for participants and visitors under the title of an innovation.
The International Bureau of Exhibitions (BIE) is the international organization coordinating the organization of expos. Currently, Iran and 191other countries are members of this organization
The first international world exhibitions (Expo) in today’s sense were held in London in 1851 and our country Iran was present in the first Expo by order of Amir Kabir. The Eiffel Tower is also a relic of the 1889 Expo in Paris.


The goals of holding expos:



  • Strengthening international relations in a common issue
  • Sharing educational and cultural experiences on a global issue
  • Showing the capabilities, history, civilization, customs of a country around a specific issue
  • Strengthening and supporting expos as laboratories for future experiences
  • Increasing and promoting the growth of economic and international exchanges
  • Creating economic prosperity and reconstruction of the host city
  • Generating income and wealth for participating countries

Videos of expo 2020

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