Secretary of the 3rd Expos in Shanghai 2010, Milan 2015, Dubai 2020
Implementation of more than 60 national and international exhibition projects
Instructor of specialized exhibition courses











The Pew Research Center in America has conducted research that shows that Islam will be the largest religious group in the world in terms of the number of followers in 2050. This means that within the next 30 years, nearly three billion Muslims, the group with the largest population in the world, will potentially have the capacity to create the largest economy on this planet.
Business relations between Muslim countries are of great importance due to the lifestyle and special type of consumption of goods and services that originate from their religious orders, and international needs in this field have led to the creation of an important market all over the world, especially in the Middle East. .
In this context, exhibitions have always played an effective role in increasing the volume of exchanges of goods and services, introducing goods and services, transferring technical knowledge and innovation between different nations. Today, with the development and advancement of technology and the updating of the models of holding and implementing exhibitions, this role and task has become more colorful and has found a special place among businessmen, industrial owners and governments.
Records have shown that during the recession of 2008 to 2010, most of the world’s industries were in severe recession and sometimes went bankrupt, but according to the official statistics of UFI, the exhibition industry was one of the few industries that not only did not meet the record, but also experienced an increase in income over the years. The mentioned was encountered.
The “Exhibition Industry in the Islamic World” conference is an international event organized by the Science and Technology Federation of Islamic Countries around the world. The first round of this event is scheduled to be held in Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and will be hosted by Islamic countries across the globe.
Although the outbreak of Corona was one of the challenges that affected the exhibition industry to a great extent, the vacuum of holding exhibitions increased the importance and attention to holding events with innovative models. Therefore, considering the important role of this industry in the world and the exchange of knowledge and new ideas, by holding a large conference of the exhibition industry in the Islamic world, we intend to have expert and professional representatives in the field of events, modern exhibition advertising, exhibition services, active institutions and organizations. In the field of commercial training and active startups, invite them to Tehran.

Hope to see you.
Aria Majidi – conference secretary